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How To Know What God Wants

Do you see yourself as unique? loved? worthy? called? qualified? complexly created for a Kingdom impact? I find it somewhat difficult to keep a balanced perspective of myself and my worth. It's entirely human to be overly prideful. It's entirely human to absorb our culture's idea that Christians should be
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Prayer Of Jabez: 1 Chronicles 4:10

Do you remember the interest in the prayer of Jabez from about a decade ago? As I circle back around in reading through my Bible again, I honed in on this passage and sat and thought about Jabez's mindset and perspective. Here is a man listed in 1 Chronicles who
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You Are More Than Enough

Do you feel ready for the God-inspired and given dreams in your heart right now? I love that God often used the least likely candidates to create massive impact for His Kingdom agenda. And it's fascinating to really analyze their mindsets and perspectives on themselves as God calls them forward
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